Moonwalkers - 50th Anniversary version 

Moonwalkers is a track from my second album Songs From the Old Illawalla. It's a tribute to the group of astronauts who, between 1969 and 1972, were the first humans to set foot on another world

The 50th anniversary of the first moon landing is coming up this July. I decided to mark the occasion by giving the song a new treatment. This version features a piano based arrangement by Jim Coupe.

You can watch the two of us perform it here on Youtube: 

A CD quality download is available from Bandcamp here:

Writing Testament... 

Thanks for visiting my website.
Work continues on recording songs for the upcoming 'Testament' album, for which the current ETA is Spring 2019.
It features what I consider my best work to date and, with help from my musical friends, is sounding fabulous! 
For now, there are several 'Free' downloads available on the site ... 5 original albums, and an EP ... I hope you enjoy them and please, feel free to get in touch and let me know what you think.

Yuletime for Yuletide 

When the season is dark, wet, and cold, it brings us the opportunity to spend more time indoors, eating, drinking, and spending time with the family...and we need a soundtrack to accompany those traditions.This is my own offering ... 'Yuletime'. 


Lyrically, I went back to basics, focusing on what our Pagan ancestors celebrated at this time of year ... the return of the Sun at the Winter solstice and the promise of a respite from the gloom. 

There's a free high quality download of 'Yuletime' available here via Bandcamp:  
If you like it, please quickly share the video and links on social media while it's topical. 

Special thanks to the 'Stacey Grove Choir' (Philip Maxwell Senior & Sharon Mary Butler), and to Dave Archer for Mastering the audio so beautifully. 

As we're busy packing boxes and preparing to relocate Bailey Towers in the new Year, there are no live performances planned for the present. But we do have some new tunes and videos in the pipeline, which will be on the way to you shortly. 

In the meantime... enjoy the festive season.

This week: Live at The Towler and Silantro 

I'll be performing in 'solo acoustic' mode twice at Lancashire venues this week.  
Silantro, St.Annes on Sea.Friday night (Aug 5th) is an appearance at Mr.Mel's Music & Poetry night, Silantro in St.Annes. Should be on some time after 9pm.  
On Saturday it's a trip out to Tottington for a fundraiser. The plan is to turn the gloriously named Hark To Towler venue into and arts cafe, which takes funding. There'll be a host of artists on stage during the whole weekend, my particular slot is from 4pm on Saturday (Aug 6th).

Download 'Etc Etc Amen' for free:

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Geoff's Boots Charity Download

Click the pic to download Geoff's Boots MP3 for free.

If you enjoy the tune, please make a donation to Sir Geoff Hurst's chosen charity SPARKS

So what's it all about?
We all keep souvenirs that connect us immediately with important events, people and places, evoking a certain nostalgia, a warm glow recalling the past. Geoff's Boots is a song about our relationship with such items, cared for amongst our most precious belongings.
A pair of old football boots? ... Not just any boots ... The owner believes they were the same pair worn by Football Legend Sir Geoff Hurst in the 1966 World Cup Final, which transforms worn-out old junk into priceless relics ... in the mind of their keeper.
Click below to watch the video and Glyn's bid to become the Alan Bennett of rock!.

Back of the net!  World Cup winning, hat-trick scoring legend, Sir Geoff Hurst has approved:

2059 Album preview


Glyn Bailey

When compared with previous Glyn Bailey albums, it's easy to hear there's been a conscious effort to circumvent the usual 'stylistic' musical approach ... the result is something not so easily pigeonholed. The 'Beholden' band sound is old fashioned yet strangely futuristic in both concept and execution.

Themes of lost treasure (78rpm), a haunted dancehall (Dancefloor - inspired by the Blackpool Tower Ballroom), the shackles of human existence (Chains), the belief that we are all cosmically connected (Stars), and a version of Slade's 70's glam rock stomper Coz I Luv U combine with others to make this work something very special.

The CD version is available exclusively from the artist, with online downloads via Bandcamp, iTunes and all the usual major retailers.

Production and mastering were all handled Stateside by Dave Archer of Last Riff Studios, Cincinatti, USA
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