Welcome to my website. 

I'm a singer/songwriter originally from the North of England, but currently living in Spain. I recently released my sixth album TESTAMENT, which is available for free download from the Music Page.

From a young age I aquired a love for storytelling, a catchy melody, and a well crafted lyric. My earliest musical memory was hearing Sinatra discs being played on the family stereogram. Later I became a big fan of The Beatles, then Bolan and Bowie in the 70's. 

The gift of a 'reel to reel' tape recorder, for my 10th birthday, instilled a lifelong enjoyment of the creative recording process. 

My own songs endeavor to explore life's contradictions and complexities, varying the viewpoint between protagonist, victim, or observer. The lyrics often reflect a natural inclination towards dark cynicism, which I hope is relieved by a wry humour. 

Please go to the Music Downloads section to find the entirety of my recorded output,  all available free of charge. There's the option to purchase hard copies of the various CD's should you so desire. You could take a look at some of the videos I've created too, which can be found via the link to my Youtube page. 

I hope you enjoy the music. If you wish to keep in touch, it would be great to hear from you. There are social media links below. Thanks for stopping by.


New album for 2020

Download all ten tracks for free, or purchase a limited release CD.

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