Ten tracks lovingly crafted with various themes of lost treasures, a haunted dancehall, the shackles of human existence, cosmic connectedness, a doomed circus love affair, a lost theme to an imaginary film, and a stomping version of a Slade glam rock classic.  

This CD was the last of my 'full band' albums. It's a low key, piano based work that we often referred to as our 'Chamber Pop' incarnation. 

GLYN BAILEY - vocals,  LIZZ BEAHAN - violin & vocals,  JAMIE SINGLETON - piano, PHILIP MAXWELL SENIOR - Guitar,  JOHN GARDNER - Bass

2059 may be a leap into an uncertain future, but one thing's for sure, we'll be utterly beholden by its soundtrack”

— Sea Of Tranquility



Happiness weaves a musical spell, with seductive melodies and addictive hooks to draw the listener into what seems to be a familiar and pleasant landscape, with lyrics offering a glimpse of menace lurking in the shadows. An ironic look at the popular view that humanity is fast approaching it's endgame, allowing full vent to the author's instinctive misanthropy.

The Many Splendid Things were: GLYN BAILEY - Vocals,  PHILIP MAXWELL SENIOR - Guitars,  JAMIE SINGLETON - Keyboards,  JOHN GARDNER - Bass , NEIL COTTON - Drums