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  1. God For The Day


God For The Day

We all do bad things and we all do good
Though some more than others that’s understood
And we all take comfort in the washroom or woods
We’re all sisters and brothers under the skin
Loved by our mothers, in spite of everything
But what would she say, if you were God For A Day?

Tell me how would it be 24/7 omnipotency?
Would you choose intervention, cure all the ill,
Abolish all hunger, to hell with freewill?

See we all need each other though some don’t admit
Like a huge jigsaw puzzle where everyone fits
So what would you change, if you were God for The Day?
Would you have all the people go down on their knees
Showing they’re grateful for mornings like these
Their little hands pressed together mumbling your praise?
Would you like that?

Or would you continue to work in mysterious ways?
Or maybe make a few changes and clean up this place?

We all must live and we all must die
Would you do us a favour and tell us all why?
Or would you leave us in the dark eh?
If you were God For The Day?
Would it be better that way, if you were God for the day?
What do ya say?
You - God For the Day…?