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  1. The Old Illawalla



The Old Illawalla.

There once stood at the edge of town
An Edwardian pile of great renown
But in ’96 we pulled it down
‘The Old Illawalla’

When digging the foundations up
we came across an empty trunk
And threw it out as a piece of junk
by the Old Illawalla

Something played upon my mind …
I returned to the site at the dead of night
And retrieved the box, though I knew not why
From The Old Illawalla

And seeing something missed before
I opened up a secret drawer
And there I found a musical score
“The Old Illawalla”

Satan came and we made a trade
My mortal soul for wealth and fame
I published the tunes in my own name
“Songs from the Old Illawalla”

Now I live each day with the fear
That I’ll go to that trunk and find it bare
They’ll say ‘His new work don’t compare
To the Old Illawalla’