2010: "His new album is his third great record in a row... Bailey’s clearly not lost his touch or his splendidly skewhiff take on the madness of the world around him over the past three years. While ‘The Disturbance’ is primarily an Indie-going-on-Rock record, its sonic palette is refreshingly broad. Opening track ‘The Old Illawalla’ references his previous album, but it’s surprisingly atmospheric and hard-rocking and could almost be early Faith No More if you squint hard enough. The lyrics present an intriguing slant on the old Blues man’s pact with the devil at the crossroads (“Satan came and we made a trade/ my mortal soul for wealth and fame”) while what sounds like an order of Gregorian Monks drop by to add backing vocals. Elsewhere, songs like ‘Louis’ and the urgent parental advice commentary ‘Fuktup’ (sic) also rock pretty hard, while the feedback and dissonance only serve to ramp up the tale of an isolated loon with kidnap, terror and the apocalypse in mind (“when it all kicks off, I’ll be listening to God and the BBC”) on the evocative ‘BBC Bunker’."  Whisperin & Hollerin 

The Disturbance - CD

Glyn Bailey

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The Disturbance - CD

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"a seeping font of song ideas fleshed out by creative musicians"  High Voltage 

"The Disturbance is a great name for an album, particularly one that full of dark tales and that philosophy of 'play hard, live fast, die you, leave a beautiful corpse. Glyn Bailey & The Many Spendid Things have delivered an album of pomp rock perfection." FATEA 

"Bailey and his Things tread a tricky line with aplomb – material that could otherwise be viewed as being undermined by either whimsical novelty, or self-regarding cleverness, is delivered with verve and élan, the band’s sure-footed musicality and sharply observed lyrics enabling an amusing bar room pastiche such as ‘God For The Day’ to transcend any hint of becoming the Eric Idle-meets-Lieutenant Pigeon mash up it may have become in less skilled hands. Similarly, the elegiac ‘The Bolan Tree’ is wistful and evocative where it could so easily have become lachrymose and saccharine." Mudkiss Zine 

"Fantastic from start to finish. Like Nick Cave sings children's stories."  TunaTheDay 

"This album proves he’s a thinker, who along with his band, can summon up some highly original and entertaining material – unique and the city would be a poorer place without talented exponents such as this."  Manchester Music