2007: "What's of paramount importance is that with his sophomore effort Glyn Bailey has again proved himself to be an artist of substance"   Whisperin & Hollerin

"Slightly twisted pop loveliness is Glyn Bailey, whose latest offering Songs From The Old Illawalla is a sparkling collection of songs with subject matter ranging from Torturers, a famous footballers last match, perverted clowns, and Apollo astronauts. To complement such an array of subjects the music roams across a variety of musical pastures, a bit of country, pop, art-rock and psych all carefully blended together. Within the songs the rich deep vocals ride the musical surf with confidence and dexterity, adding a feel of early Bowie to several of the songs, especially the 8 minute The Ballad of Deano" 
Rumbles, Terrascope eZine 

"This is a coming together of catchy melodies, infectious musical hooks and a nagging assortment of ample rhythms that runs through things, grabbing hold of you right from the start and refusing to let go again until the very end." 
David Greenhalgh, Subba-Cultcha.com 

"It may not be intentional but this is maybe one of Lancashire’s weirdest concept albums yet." 
Manchester Music.co.uk 

"English eccentric I guess you can call him, Glyn Bailey has been on the fringes of the music world for years and Songs From The Illawalla, his second solo record, is the result of a mind that works at ten to the dozen and an imagination that is running riot."