Hark At The Towler Fundraiser

Hark To Towler, Market Street, Tottington, Bury BL84AA

The idea is to create a social and community hub at the heart of Tottington and the other local villages. In conjunction with Stephanie Portersmith from WellArty the aim is to raise £10k to help make this vision a reality. The cafe bar will be used to by local community groups to use music and art as a forum for socialising and learning for local children/young people, the elderly and people with learning issues and so forth.

The Space

The Stage dominates the room and needs revisited. A raised level with flexible seating would be more appropriate and consistent with the other features in the pub. This would still lend itself as a potential performance area. Sorting out this area would make a huge difference to the pub! As you walk in in many respects it looks unfeminine, threatening and consistent with the pubs image as a rock venue. The PA system is in the process of being scaled down and being wall mounted.

The Music Offer

The music offer needs to be less band and more acoustic driven. A local and very popular acoustic act John W Doyle has agreed to front a singalomg every Saturday night at the pub. When John last played rumour went around the village and The Towler drew people in from the other pubs. Johns engagement with the audience was terrific and we were by far the busiest pub on this particular night. We also have an in house funk band to play funk and disco every friday night. This particular band play at much lower volume levels and had the whole pub dancing by the end of the night. The Rock music offer has become too dispersed in the area with up to four venues catering for the same audience in a three mile radius. Ultimately the perception of The Towler as a rock venue has harmed the community aspect of the pub and has had its day here. Our audio visual partner Hollowsphere has agreed to put a smaller ceiling mounted PA in place which will also be linked into the house hifi system.

The Drink Offer

As discussed The Towler is suited to a craft beer and cask ale driven offer. The back bar shelving needs to be removed. This lets natural light in during the day and would be used as the pubs main shop window. Thwaites Craft beers could be dispensed direct from the barrel in this area creating some theatre at point of sale and creating a visual element to the outside. Alonside this a small range of cocktails and a prosecco offer is to be included.

We are close to securing a donated coffee machine for the community cafe bar idea also. The area is cryng out for a female friendly afternoon coffee offer.


We are doing two fundraisers on the 6th and 7th August. Musicians artists comedians etc are giving up their time to raise funds for the community cafe bar idea. There will also be a crowd fund to raise money also. This money is to be ringfenced for community projects. There will be a formal consultation process with members of the local community and the people and organisations below that have already p[ledged their support.

Here is a list of local people and organisations already committed to the idea.







Stewart Campbell Music School








Tottington Drama Group.