'Etc Etc Amen' - New EP 

Etc Etc Amen EP coverEarlier this year our Violin player Lizz made a decision to leave the Beholden and, rather than look for a replacement, we decided to call time on our 'Glyn Bailey & the Beholden' project and move on...  

As a farewell, and a 'Thank You' for your support, we've decided to release an E.P. featuring studio recordings of 4 cover versions, which were a mainstay of our live set from the final 3-piece incarnation of the band. This will be a 'Download Only' release offered 'free of charge' to friends on our mailing list, so get your copy here: LINK 

The track listing is Kraftwerk's The Model, Marc Bolan's Life's a Gas, The Beatles' In My Life, and The Buzzcocks' Ever Fallen in Love. They're all performed in our 3-piece 'chamber pop' format, which featured yours truly on Guitar/Vocals/Harmonica, Phil Senior on Bass/Backing Vocal, and of course, Lizz Beahan on Violin/Vocal.  

Mixing and mastering were all beautifully handled by Dave Archer of Last Riff Studios, Cincinatti, U.S.of A. 

Cover credit - Pablo Carlos Budassi 'Observable Universe Logarithmic Illustration' - LINK 

With thanks to Howard Male for allowing use of the title of his first novel, 'Etc Etc Amen' (Which Phil describes as "A spiffing read!") - LINK 

A Warholesque video for 'The Model' has been cobbled together from various Beholden outtakes and looks surprisingly good:
The Model on Youtube

I shall continue to perform occasional local gigs and focus on completing my 'solo' album, with help from Phil, and various other musicians ... more news on that as it progresses. 


And 2016 got off to a flying start...CELEBRITY VOICEBOX recently got me opened up, exposed, and grilled... about life, music, and academic qualifications.  

It's the first in a series of 'Hidden Gems' profile pieces, so much nicer than my 'rough diamond' label of old and an indicator of progress made methinks ;-)   Read it HERE

Early Album Reviews and More Dates... 

New album 2059 has been out for review and early responses have been very encouraging.... 

"cultural songs of our time"  Sea of Tranquility (link)
"a creative album which refuses to stick to the rules" DJ Steve Luff (full review)

We've added a couple of videos to illustrate album opener 78rpm and title track 2059. Please visit the Videos page, take a look, comment, we really do appreciate it.

We'll be performing live soon at a beer festival at Cleveleys Royal British Legion club on September 12th, and live in Stanley Park, Blackpool, along with the Fantastic LIMBS and other special guests, on September 27th. Check our 'Events' page for details.

Finally a quick reminder that you can get a FREE copy of our CD 2059 by singing up to our email list on this website 

New Album 2059 Released! 

Welcome to the future, but not as you know it ... 
2059 features ten songs, all lovingly crafted for your listening pleasure. There are themes of lost treasure (78rpm), a haunted dancehall (Dancefloor - inspired by the Blackpool Tower Ballroom), the shackles of human existence (Chains), the belief that we are all cosmically connected (Stars), spirits returning from WW2 (Night of Memories), a long lost imaginary theme tune (Universe), a curve-ball version of a 70's glam rock stomper by Slade (Coz I Luv U) ...and more.

Production and mastering were all handled Stateside by Dave Archer of Last Riff Studios, Cincinatti, USA. Thanks Dave :-)

We're also back with a new stripped down band and name ... The Beholden !

There's a limited edition CD version of the album for sale from this site, or you can download the tracks from Soundcloud, Bandcamp, iTunes and others. 

Pay or download for free, you choose, we don't mind either way. If you enjoy our music, please spread the word...we do this for the love of it and we appreciate your support ... Thanks !

Videos to accompany some of the songs can be seen over on our Youtube channel.

Download 'Etc Etc Amen' for free:

Join our mailing list for news of gigs, music and videos.

Geoff's Boots Charity Download

Click the pic to download Geoff's Boots MP3 for free.

If you enjoy the tune, please make a donation to Sir Geoff Hurst's chosen charity SPARKS

So what's it all about?
We all keep souvenirs that connect us immediately with important events, people and places, evoking a certain nostalgia, a warm glow recalling the past. Geoff's Boots is a song about our relationship with such items, cared for amongst our most precious belongings.
A pair of old football boots? ... Not just any boots ... The owner believes they were the same pair worn by Football Legend Sir Geoff Hurst in the 1966 World Cup Final, which transforms worn-out old junk into priceless relics ... in the mind of their keeper.
Click below to watch the video and Glyn's bid to become the Alan Bennett of rock!.

Back of the net!  World Cup winning, hat-trick scoring legend, Sir Geoff Hurst has approved:

2059 Album preview


Glyn Bailey

When compared with previous Glyn Bailey albums, it's easy to hear there's been a conscious effort to circumvent the usual 'stylistic' musical approach ... the result is something not so easily pigeonholed. The 'Beholden' band sound is old fashioned yet strangely futuristic in both concept and execution.

Themes of lost treasure (78rpm), a haunted dancehall (Dancefloor - inspired by the Blackpool Tower Ballroom), the shackles of human existence (Chains), the belief that we are all cosmically connected (Stars), and a version of Slade's 70's glam rock stomper Coz I Luv U combine with others to make this work something very special.

The CD version is available exclusively from the artist, with online downloads via Bandcamp, iTunes and all the usual major retailers.

Production and mastering were all handled Stateside by Dave Archer of Last Riff Studios, Cincinatti, USA
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  1. 1 78RPM 04:56 Info Download
  2. 2 Showtune 03:35 Info Download
  3. 3 Chains 04:19 Info Download
  4. 4 The Wedding Song 03:34 Info Download
  5. 5 A Night of Memories 03:44 Info Download
  6. 6 Coz I Luv U 04:17 Info Download
  7. 7 The Dancefloor 04:35 Info Download
  8. 8 2059 03:46 Info Download
  9. 9 Stars 03:28 Info Download
  10. 10 Universe (Theme from 2059) 02:56 Info Download