"2059 may be a leap into an uncertain future, but one thing's for sure, we'll be utterly beholden by its soundtrack"   ****  Sea of Tranquility

So what does 2059 have in store? Ten tracks lovingly crafted with themes of lost treasure (78rpm), a haunted dancehall (Dancefloor - inspired by Blackpool Tower Ballroom), the shackles of human existence (Chains), the belief that we are all cosmically connected (Stars),  spirits from WW2 (Night of Memories), a long lost theme tune (Universe) and a curve-ball version of a 70's glam rock stomper by Slade (Coz I Luv U)... elements combined to make this work something truly special. Production and mastering were all handled Stateside by Dave Archer of Last Riff Studios, Cincinatti, USA. Download the tracks from Soundcloud, Bandcamp, iTunes and others. There's also a limited edition CD version of the album for sale from this site. Videos created by Glyn to illustrate many of the album tracks can be viewed at his Youtube Channel.